Secure your AR-15 with confidence and convenience using the best biometric single gun safe for AR-15 on the market!

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable firearm, relying on advanced biometric technology is a game-changer.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top-rated biometric single-gun safes explicitly designed for AR-15 owners.

Say goodbye to traditional locks and keys as we delve into cutting-edge fingerprint recognition systems that ensure quick access while keeping unauthorized hands at bay.

Discover the ultimate peace of mind and superior protection for your AR-15 with these state-of-the-art biometric gun safes!

Top 3 Best Biometric Single Gun Safe For AR-15-

#1 VAULTEK RS Series WiFi Biometric Rifle Safe Firearm Storage Smart Safe with Alerts to Smartphone Auto-Open Door and Rechargeable Battery

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Best Biometric Single Gun Safe For AR-15

VAULTEK RS Series WiFi Biometric Rifle Safe

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A top choice for gun owners, the VAULTEK RS Series WiFi Biometric Rifle Safe seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology, smart connectivity, and robust security features.

Designed to store multiple firearms, it offers a reliable and convenient solution that stands out with its impressive range of features.

Some unique features of this best biometric single gun safe for AR-15 are as follows-

  • Enhanced Security: The VAULTEK RS Series safe incorporates advanced biometric technology, like a fingerprint scanner, for secure and convenient access without the hassle of keys or passcodes.
  • Spacious Storage: With adjustable shelves and a removable storage rack, this safe offers ample space to accommodate multiple firearms and accessories, allowing you to customize the interior layout.
  • Remote Control: Thanks to built-in WiFi connectivity, you can connect the safe to your home network and control it remotely using your smartphone, providing convenience and peace of mind.
  • Instant Alerts: The smart features of the VAULTEK RS Series enable it to send real-time alerts and notifications to your smartphone, keeping you informed of any important events related to the safe.
  • Quick Access: The auto-open door feature ensures swift retrieval of your firearms in emergencies. Once the safe recognizes your authorized fingerprint or correct passcode, the door automatically opens.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Say goodbye to frequent battery replacements. The included rechargeable battery can be easily charged using the provided power adapter, providing long-lasting power for uninterrupted safe operation.
  • Illuminated Interior: When you open the safe’s door, the built-in LED lighting illuminates the contents, making it easy to locate and retrieve your firearms even in low-light conditions.

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#2 Under Bed Safe, Rapid Gun Storage Safe Drawer Safe for AR Rifle Ammo Pistol Accessories for Home and Vehicle

Rapid Gun Storage Safe Drawer Safe for AR Rifle Ammo Pistol

best biometric single gun safe for AR-15

  • 4.4/5 Average User Rating
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BBRKIN High-Quality Rapid Gun Safe is a dependable and safe storage option for safeguarding your home and vehicles.

By utilizing a robust alloy steel build, resistant edges, and two locking mechanisms, this safe guarantees enduring safeguarding of your firearms and valuable items.

Enjoy a sense of tranquillity thanks to its automatic LED light system, interior lined with foam, and an alarm system that enhances security, ensuring a worry-free experience.

Some unique features of this best biometric ar-15 gun safe are as follows-

  • Durable Construction: Made of solid alloy steel walls and tamper-resistant inner edges, ensuring long-lasting durability for decades.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: Offers a digital keypad for creating a personalized PIN code or emergency access using the backup key. The lock mechanism is reliable, and an alarm system notifies you immediately in case of attempted break-ins.
  • Spacious Interior: The large size of the safe allows for the storage of 1-2 rifles, guns, ammunition, magazines, jewellery, or documents securely. It can be easily installed under a bed, inside closets, or in a car.
  • Scratch-Free Interior: The inside of the safe is lined with soft foam, providing a protective cushion to prevent scratches and shocks to your stored items.
  • Automatic LED Light System: The built-in LED light automatically turns on for 20 seconds after unlocking the safe, allowing you to see inside even in low light conditions.
  • Dual Locking Systems: Features both electronic and mechanical locking systems, providing versatility and additional security options.
  • Protective Alarm System: A protective alarm warns against unwanted access, adding an extra layer of security to your valuables.

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Our next best biometric single gun safe for AR-15 is-

#3 SnapSafe Under Bed Safe, Gun Storage and Security

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe

best biometric single gun safe for AR-15

  • 4.4/5 Average User Rating
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The SnapSafe Under Bed Safe offers a range of features that ensure gun storage and security are handled with efficiency and ease

It’s heavy-duty construction and smart features ensure quick and convenient access to your firearms while keeping them protected from unauthorized access.

Some unique features of this best biometric single gun safe for AR-15 are as follows-

  • Dimension: The dimension of this gun safe is 40 inches width * 22 inches length * 6 inches height. That makes this gun safe big gun safe with adequate storage capacity.
  • Material of the Gun safe: 14 gauge heavy-duty steel is used to build this gun safe, making it quite strong and durable according to market standards.
  • Amazon Rating: Since its release in the market in 2017, customers have loved this gun safe as it has received a good rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. That can be further divided into two sub-sections  Durability – 4.7 stars out of 5. Sturdiness – 4.2 stars out of 5.
  • Security system: This gun safe is constructed with pry-resistant material, making breaking it nearly impossible.
  • Digital Locker: The gun safe also has a digital locker that provides complete security for your firearms from unauthorized access
  • 5-foot cable: This is an extra security feature where you get a commercial-grade 5-foot cable to provide added security when tethered to a stationary object.
  • Easy to install: The gun safe is quite easy to install and can be done by a single person without any tools; it also has pre-drilled holes for permanent installation.

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So this was our final best biometric single gun safe for AR-15.

Now let us look over why we should invest in the best biometric single gun safe for AR-15.

Reasons To invest in gun safe-

  1. Safety and Security: Investing in a gun safe ensures the safety of your firearms by keeping them out of the reach of unauthorized individuals, including children, burglars, or visitors to your home. It provides peace of mind and helps prevent accidents or misuse.
  2. Protection against Theft: A gun safe acts as a deterrent against theft. It significantly decreases the likelihood of firearms being stolen during a break-in, as thieves typically target easy-to-access items. A sturdy gun safe provides an extra layer of protection for your valuable firearms.
  3. Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Many jurisdictions have laws in place requiring firearm owners to store their weapons securely. Investing in a gun safe helps you comply with these legal obligations, avoiding potential penalties or legal complications.
  4. Prevents Accidental Discharges: Gun accidents can have devastating consequences. A gun safe keeps firearms securely stored, reducing the risk of accidental discharges caused by mishandling or unauthorized access. It ensures that only responsible individuals have access to firearms.
  5. Protection against Fire and Natural Disasters: Gun safes offer protection not only against theft but also against fire and other natural disasters. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and can prevent firearms from being damaged or destroyed in the event of a fire, flood, or other unforeseen events.

My personal recommendation-

My Recommendation-

As a devoted gun enthusiast, ensuring the utmost safety for my firearms has always been paramount.

That’s why I made the wise decision to invest in the VAULTEK RS Series WiFi Biometric Rifle Safe, and let me tell you, it has surpassed all my expectations.

The sleek and robust design impressed me right from the start, and the biometric fingerprint scanner guarantees only authorized access.

The smart connectivity with smartphone alerts keeps me informed and assured, even when I’m away.

The auto-open door feature allows quick and seamless access when needed, making it incredibly convenient.

Plus, the rechargeable battery saves me the hassle of frequent replacements.

This smart safe has truly revolutionized my firearm storage, and I confidently recommend it to fellow gun owners seeking top-notch security and modern-day convenience.

Advantage Of Using A Biometric Gun Safe-

  1. Instant Access: Biometric gun safes provide rapid access to your firearm with a simple fingerprint scan, ensuring you can respond quickly in emergencies.
  2. Enhanced Security: Biometric technology offers a high level of security, as each fingerprint is unique, preventing unauthorized access and providing peace of mind.
  3. No Need for Keys or Codes: Say goodbye to fumbling with keys or remembering complex codes; biometric safes eliminate these hassles for effortless access.
  4. User-Friendly: Biometric gun safes are user-friendly, making them easy to operate for all members of the household, including children or elderly family members.
  5. Tamper-Resistant: Biometric scanners are tamper-resistant, adding an extra layer of protection against break-ins or unauthorized attempts to access the safe.

Gun safe Buying guide-

We will now dive into a buying guide created for you so the process can be wrapped up quickly.

A few particulars to keep in mind while purchasing a gun safe are the following-

  • Size: When choosing a gun safe, consider the size of your firearms and the number of guns you have. Select a safe that can accommodate all your firearms and any future purchases.
  • Locking mechanism: Assess your needs and choose a locking mechanism accordingly. Biometric locks provide quick access but may be less reliable compared to combination or key locks.
  • Security features: Look for gun safes with security features such as fireproofing, pry-resistant doors, and tamper-resistant locks.
  • Construction: Opt for a safe made from sturdy and durable materials, particularly heavy-duty steel.
  • Price: Gun safes vary in price range, so determine your budget and find a safe that offers the best value for your money.
  • Installation: Consider the weight and size of the safe, and decide if you need professional installation.
  • Brand and warranty: Choose a reputable brand that provides a good warranty, ensuring your safe remains reliable for years to come.

You can also watch out this video to get further clarification-

Frequently Asked Questions-

How should I properly install and secure my AR-15 gun safe?

To ensure maximum security, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and consider bolting the safe to the floor or wall, preventing thieves from easily removing it.

Are biometric gun safes reliable for AR-15 storage?

Biometric safes can offer quick access, but it’s essential to choose a high-quality one with a reliable fingerprint scanner. Biometric safes can be great for home defence, but they should complement other security measures.

What is the ideal budget range for a quality AR-15 gun safe?

Quality gun safes can vary in price, but for a dependable one that provides good security and fire resistance, expect to spend anywhere from $300 to $3000 or more.


In conclusion, when searching for the best biometric single gun safe for AR-15, prioritize reliability and quick access.

Look for reputable brands with advanced fingerprint scanning technology, sturdy construction, and ample space for your rifle and accessories.

Investing in a top-quality biometric single-gun safe ensures both the security and accessibility needed for responsible firearm ownership.