So are you looking for the best gun safe for truck bed?

Then you are in the right place over this vast internet today; in this article, we will tell you about the best truck bed gun vaults and every vital point you need to know before buying one.

While we travel, there are several instances when we need our firearms to protect ourselves and our valuables from unsocial elements.

However, keeping firearms in a safe and secure place with quickly accessible is a job where the gun safe for truck beds solves all these problems.

Our article on the best gun safe for truck bed will help you pick up a suitable one with amazing features that fulfill all your conditions.

So without further ado, let’s see our first hidden gun storage for trucks-

Top 3 Best Gun Safe For Truck Bed-

#1 SnapSafe Under Bed Safe, Gun Storage and Security

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best gun safe for truck bed

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe

  • 5/5 Average User Rating
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By seeing the name of the gun safe, you must be pondering over the word under-bed gun safe.

But trust us, this gun safe can be fitted easily in the truck bed.

It is itself claimed by the manufacturing company also.

Hence we can use it in two ways as an under-bed safe and for a truck bed gun safe.

Now let us see some unique features of this truck bed gun locker-

  • Dimension: The dimension of this gun safe are 40 inches width * 22 inches length * 6 inches height. That makes this gun safe big gun safe with adequate storage capacity.
  • Material of the Gun safe: 14 gauge heavy-duty steel is used to build this gun safe, making it quite strong and durable according to market standards.
  • Amazon Rating: Since its release in the market in 2017, customers have loved this gun safe as it has received a good rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on amazon. That can be further divided into two sub-sections  Durability – 4.7 stars out of 5. Sturdiness – 4.2 stars out of 5.
  • Security system: This gun safe is constructed with pry-resistant material, making breaking it nearly impossible.
  • Digital Locker: The gun safe also has a digital locker that provides complete security for your firearms from unauthorized access
  • 5-foot cable: This is an extra security feature where you get a commercial-grade 5-foot cable to provide added security when tethered to a stationary object.
  • Easy to install: The gun safe is quite easy to install and can be done by a single person without any tools; it also has pre-drilled holes for permanent installation.

So now you must clearly understand why this gun safe is on our number 1 spot on our list of the best gun safe for truck bed.

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Our next best gun safe for truck bed is-

#2 SecureIt: Fast Box Hidden Gun Safe – Holds Rifles, Shotguns & Long Guns – Intelligent Home Firearm Storage w/Keypad Control – Mounts in Car & Trucks

SecureIt: Fast Box Hidden Gun Safe

best gun safe for truck bed

  • 4.4/5 Average User Rating
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Securelt company has been a reputable brand name in the gun safe market for the last 20 years for the quality of gun safes it manufactures.

The features of this best gun safe for truck bed are –

  • Customizable and Flexible: This gun safe is designed and manufactured specifically so that you can easily fit it anywhere in the home, office, or vehicle. Hence the gun safe can be used in several places according to your needs.
  • Material of the gun safe: The securelt company also supplies gun safes for the defense sector; hence, the material they use to build gun safes can be trusted.
  • Rating: Customers have loved this best gun safe for truck bed, as it has received a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on amazon.
  • Storage of the gun safe: This best gun safe for truck beds has a chamber for storage of 13 inches, sufficient to store two long guns with their ammunition. The external dimension of the gun safe is 6.75 inches in height * 40.25 inches in width * 13 inches in length.
  • Security of the gun safe: The gun-safe company provides a keypad security control system and a hidden key to override the lockup and provide backup.
  • Cradlegrid technology: The gun safes of the Securelt company are equipped with a cradlegrid technology patented by the company. The technology delivers straight-line access to every firearm kept in the safe. It upheld the firearms from bumping into each other.

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Until now, we have mentioned two gun safes in our article on the best gun safes for truck bed.

We picked up the third gun safe from an American firm delivering amazing products of guns, ammunition and gun safes since 1981.

The name is Hornady.

#3 Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker with RFID Touch Free Entry – Tamper Proof Gun Safe Perfect for Storing Gun Accessories, Rifles and Shotguns – Heavy Duty Rifle Gun Safe for Home and Vehicle

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker

best gun safe for truck bed

  • 4.4/5 Average User Rating
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We have already mentioned the company that manufactures it.

Let us see the particular features of this gun safe for pickup truck-

  • Dimension of the gun safe: The length of the gun safe is – 46.75 inches in length * 19.5 inches in width * 10 inches in height. The dimension of the gun safe makes it quite spacious to store rifles or handguns with its ammunition.
  • Material of the gun safe: The company has used 16 gauge steel with four internal locking lugs, making it safe and quite secure. It can’t be broken or damaged as the 16 gauge heavy-duty steel provides the most robust protection for your firearms.
  • LOCKING Technique and security: This best gun safe for truck bed is equipped with RFID technology.
  • RFID: Radio frequency identification is a radio frequency technology to identify objects and people. It uses the same technology in its locking feature that allows the lock to be opened with only provided RFID wristband or key to open the gun safe. That means it provides 100% security that only the right owner can access firearms, as it is also equipped with an anti-theft alarm.
  • The gun-safe also comes with a 1500 -lb rated cable for extra security to the firearms.
  • Rating by the customers: Since the launch of the gun safe in 2020, it has created a loyal customer base of its own, as it has received a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

You can check out the latest sale price of this best gun safe for truck bed over here-

So this was our final best gun case for truck.

We have mentioned the three best truck bed gun case; each has unique features and a varying price range.

Although all the safes mentioned above are one of the best, the buyers love them, which can be seen by the rating they have received on Amazon.

But if you ask our top pick, our top choice would be SnapSafe Under Bed gun safe since it has unique features, which makes it quite effective.

Now let us address some crucial points before buying a safe gun.

Buying Guide for truck bed Gun Safe-

A few details to keep in mind while purchasing a gun safe are the following-


We are familiar with investing our money in a gun safe once in a while, so why not purchase a large gun safe with ample storage capacity?

Now the next question arises in your mind, ” Oh man, the large gun safe would be expensive is this website trying to convince me to buy a large gun safe ” 

We have an answer for your distrust of our advice –

In the future, you could buy more firearms of different sizes, including single barrels, double barrels, handguns, and pistols ranging from short to long. 

A large gun safe could sufficiently store all these firearms with their ammunition. Overall you could keep your other valuables also in it.

However, there is an exception if you live in an apartment where you can’t install heavy units, then you can go for a small gun safe.

Body Material of the gun safe and its weight

There are several instances where the firearms got compromised due to theft or fire.

The composition of the gun safe should be of a material, preferably steel.

The thickness should be of 10 gauge steel minimum.

Since a gun safe composed of steel protects your firearms from two main threats: Burglary of firearms and Fire.

A secure locking mechanism 

We know that firearms are dangerous and for emergencies only and should be handled with too much care and heedfulness. 

A gun safe with secure locking mechanisms like a finger sensor or password assures that firearms do not reach immature hands.

You can also watch out this video to get further clarity on this topic-


You should always consider how easily you can access your guns in the safe. Look for a safe with adjustable shelves and storage options to organize your firearms and other valuables.


Consider a safe with a warranty that covers defects in materials and is for a longer duration. The warranty should also cover damage caused by fire, flood, or theft.


Set a budget for the safe you want to buy and look for options within your price range. While more expensive safes may offer better security and fire protection, there are also affordable options with good security features.

Fire protection

Pick a safe with fire protection if you live in areas with high wildfire risks. Fire-resistant safes safeguard your guns from being damaged by heat or smoke.

You can also watch out this video to get further clarity on this topic-

Last but not least, let us now address a few frequently asked questions that you must have in your mind related to the best truck bed gun storage box.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Where do you store a truck gun?

You can store your firearms in a locked gun safe anywhere hidden, like a truck bed, in a console, or anywhere it is not directly visible. Still, a gun safe is a must to prevent unauthorized access.

What are some best truck gun storage ideas?

As discussed, you can store a gun in your truck where it is not directly visible; the most important thing is to store it in a locked gun safe; also, the best idea is to store it in the truck bed or console.

Is it a good idea to carry a gun in a truck?

Yes, it is suitable for personal safety on a journey, but you should always try to keep it hidden in a locked gun safe.


We hope that this article on the topic of top 3 best gun safe for truck bed must have helped you to find your desired gun safe.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please ask them in the comment section.

Till then, take care of yourself and have a nice day.